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Stair Carpet Holders: The Different Types Explained

Stair carpet holders present a way of securing stair carpet or stair carpet runners to your actual staircase. They come in all shapes and sizes and are essential if you’re looking to hold your stair carpet in place. Even though they are vital for staircase safety, stair carpet holders don’t just have to be practical: they can be beautiful, too.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the different types of stair carpet holders and how they work, so you can best decide the right choice for you. We’ll also take you through the different types of carpet holders for stairs that we stock, including our premium range of stair carpet rod holders, traditional Victorian stair clips, and carpet press studs.

What is a Stair Carpet Runner?

First of all, what exactly are you securing with a stair carpet holder? Usually, a stair carpet runner

A stair carpet runner

When you’re looking for a transformative addition to your staircase, a stair carpet runner is the perfect solution. Stair runners are not just an attractive aesthetic addition to your home, but also an eminently practical one, too.

A stair runner is a sound investment because of the following benefits:

  • Protection from wear and tear: The staircase in any property experiences some of the highest foot traffic. This constant usage leads to the wearing down of steps as well as ugly marks and scuffs. A carpet runner will provide protection from this, allowing your staircase to look beautiful for longer.
  • Added comfort: Added carpet on your stairs means added comfort. The soft feeling of carpet underfoot makes your walk up and down the stairs all the more deluxe – especially with a plush runner. 
  • Affordable option: A simple runner for stairs is a way of incorporating the comfort of carpet without undergoing the difficult and disruptive process of carpeting the entire area. We make sure that all of our stair runners are easy to install, meaning you get the luxurious feel of carpet for a lower price and lower effort. 
  • An elevated aesthetic: Stair runners, simply put, look stunning. They can truly transform the look of your staircase and home as a whole, showing design flair and making that important entrance hall all the more welcoming.

The Different Types of Carpet Holders for Stairs

So, you have a stair runner or a carpet runner for the top of your stairs, and now you need to secure it. There are three main options:

  • Stair rods (also referred to as stair carpet rod holders)
  • Stair clips
  • Carpet press studs

Let’s take a closer look at each, along with examples from our exquisite range that you can even order today. For everything in our range, you’ll find simple instructions for installing carpet holders that you can easily follow.

Stair Carpet Rod Holders

Stair carpet rod holders, also referred to as stair rods and carpet rods, are probably the most popular way to secure carpet to stairs. Stair rods come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit a myriad of carpet runners, and add a truly classic and luxurious look to your staircase. They work with a bracket on either side attached to the actual stair with the rod inserted into the bracket and securing the carpet runner in place at the meeting of the stair tread and stair riser.

Our range of beautifully crafted stair rods can be cut to any size and come in a selection of finishes so you can find the best match for your stairs and stair runner. You can even order different sizes and widths within the same order – the perfect solution for a staircase that narrows or has multiple flights.

A Selection of Our Stair Carpet Rod Holders

We are proud of our stunning collection of quality stair rods, each crafted to create a beautiful finish and to be easy to install, too.

Blacksmith Stair rod

Our Blacksmith Stair Rods lend an authentic old-world aesthetic to your staircase. The black option will add a strong line and its wrought-iron appearance looks both traditional and luxurious. It’s also available in a stainless steel finish, to add a bit more flair to your stair.

Crystal Stair rod

For a unique decorative treat, our Crystal Stair Rods are truly a sight to behold. The finely cut Austrian crystal will catch the light and create a dazzling effect. The crystal ends can go on a rod that’s available in 10 different finishes, including brass, chrome, and black, so you can have the benefit of this gorgeous effect on a rod that matches your stair runner.

Royale Stair rod

If you’re looking for an elegant addition to a traditional home, look no further than our Royale Stair Rods. The brass finish makes for a superb addition to an ornate staircase, providing a stair carpet holder that secures carpet in style. With a choice of Beaumont and Louis finials, this rod range is elaborate but subtle.

Tudor stair rod

Our Tudor Stair Rod collection is made from the finest hardwood, for an attractive alternative to the more common metal rod. The simple but beautiful finish is available in light and dark oak, able to suit a range of stair runners traditional and contemporary. Add a touch of grandeur with the heavy brass tips.

Premier stair rod

For a stair carpet holder of exceptional quality, choose from our impressive collection of Premier Stair Rods. Quality and style are hallmarks of these finely crafted stair rods, with versatility added, too. Choose from a number of magnificent finishes like brass, chrome and satin nickel.

Stair Clips

Stair clips offer a traditional way of securing a carpet runner to your stairs. A popular Victorian accessory, these clips are exquisitely ornamental and provide a distinguished antique aesthetic. They only clip around the sides of the carpet runner, instead of running its full length as stair rods do. If you want to learn more, we have a complete guide to stair clips and how they’re used.

A Selection of Our Stair Carpet Clips

Stair carpet clip

At Stair Rods Direct, we are reviving this traditional and beautiful stair carpet holder with our range of Victorian Stair Clips. Evoke the grandeur of the era’s finest interior design tropes with these delicately ornate clips for your stair carpet. Every clip in the range is manufactured with traditional methods to give them true authenticity. Select one of seven stunning finishes, including antique brass and shiny chrome, depending on the carpet you’re securing.

Carpet Press Studs

Carpet studs offer a more affordable option for securing carpeting to stairs. With a range of finishes, they can add a chic industrial look or evoke a more traditional look, all depending on what they’re paired with. Their modest nature is great if you want to concentrate on showing off your stair runner. Press studs are a fantastic carpet holder for the top of stairs, ensuring a very secure fastening for any carpeting in this important area.

Our Carpet Studs

These easy studs are durable and long-lasting, available in a large array of finishes to complement any stair runner and stair floorboards. Their subtlety allows for a seamless look and can come in 5 different finishes: brass, chrome, pewter, satin nickel, and bronze. Traditional or contemporary, these studs will suit any home and any staircase.

Carpet Studs

Find the Fabulous Finishing Touches For Your Staircase With Us

At Stair Rods Direct, we understand the importance of the small things when it comes to interior design. With our beautiful range of runners and rods, you can get flawless finishing touches to enhance your staircase for amazing prices and with fast delivery.

And if you’re looking to spruce up your hallway as a whole, why not browse our door thresholds and skirting board protectors? You can shop through a range of finishes, ensuring a beautifully cohesive look throughout your hallway and staircase.

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