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Your Guide to Chrome Stair Nosing

Stair nosing is an essential accessory to protect your stairs from scuffs, scratches and the everyday wear and tear that comes from high foot traffic. It doesn’t just have to be a practical accessory; chrome stair nosing provides an elegant solution to stair protection with all the contemporary chic that this material brings.

In this guide, we’ll take you through what exactly stair nosing is, including explaining curved stair moulding nosing, and also present our premium range of stair nosing in chrome finishes.

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What Is Stair Nosing and Why Is It Used?

Stair nosing is a strip of material attached to the lip of every step edge, the outer corner that gets the most foot traffic. This material is most commonly wood or metal but can be made of materials like rubber and PVC, too. 

Stair nosing is such an important addition to your staircase because of its following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety: Stair nosing is fantastic for adding increased grip, guarding against tripping hazards and decreasing slips and trips.
  • Improved longevity: The step edge gets constant use, and can get worn down if not protected. Stair nosing helps to prevent this, increasing the overall longevity of your staircase and reducing maintenance needs.
  • Elevated aesthetic: Stair nosing simply looks good. When it comes to interior design, it’s the small things that make all the difference. A well-chosen stair nose, like a sleek and stylish chrome stair nose, provides a beautiful finishing touch that shows off your design know-how.
  • Easy to install: On top of all of this, stair nosing has a simple installation process. This means you get the above benefits without having to undergo disruptive or time-consuming DIY work.

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What Types of Stair Nosing Are There?

There are 4 main types of stair nosing:

  • No overhang: Here, the nosing is flush with the riser so that the stair appears as one, smooth construction. This is a sleek look and you’ll commonly see chrome stair nosing in this shape.
  • Square edge: This nosing visibly juts out of the step, creating an appealing visual definition. It’s common for hardwood stairs.
  • Half round: This type of nosing is often called “bull nose” and its shape resembles a half-moon.
  • Fully curved: Fully curved nosing is moulded to rounded steps and is particularly used for landing steps.

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What Are the Benefits of Chrome Stair Nosing?

A chrome stair nose brings a particular sleekness to a staircase. Chrome is a very sought-after material for household products because of its combination of aesthetic and practicality. It’s durable and has anti-corrosion properties which make it perfect for the heavy foot traffic that is typical of staircases. The metallic sheen is eye-catching and can fit int6o many different interior design styles.

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Our Stair Nosing in Chrome

We stock a range of stair nosing products, many available in quality chrome. Our elite stair nosing is rated excellent in customer reviews and comes with a guaranteed long lifespan.

Stair nosings

Bendy Bull Stair Nosing

This chrome curved stair moulding nosing is specially designed for staircases that are already fitted with LVT. It’s an innovative product that comes pre-drilled and with SPAX-M self-drilling screws included.


Ali Wrap Nosing

This durable stair nosing option comes in a number of finishes, including high-quality chrome for that special gleam. You can even fit it to an existing overhang tread seamlessly without the riser sticking out.


No Bull Nosing

Our chrome No Bull Nosing is a very stylish method of securing vinyl flooring to your staircase. As there is no curving, it will lie flat against the stair tread for a seamless finish.

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With Stair Rods Direct, you can get stylish chrome stair nosing in the UK with free delivery when you spend over £75. Whatever the requirements of your staircase, our products can be made to measure and are delivered quickly, so you can get your staircase spruced up in no time.

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