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The Comprehensive Guide to Metal Stair Rods

metal stair rod

The stair carpet runner is the ultimate staircase accessory, and stair rods present the perfect solution to the question of how to secure a stair runner to your stairs. Metal stair rods, in particular, offer a fantastic securing method, with the material not only strong and durable but aesthetically pleasing, too.

Stairs with metal rods have an elevated design that can look both traditionally ornate or chicly modern. As a premium manufacturer and supplier of quality metal stair rods, we’ve provided this guide to the different styles and how they can complement your stair runner, as well as how to clean metal stair rods.

We’ve also provided the top picks from our stunning selection of metal stair rods, all lovingly crafted in the UK and ready to be delivered to transform your staircase today.

What Is a Stair Rod?

A stair rod is a common decorative method of securing a carpet runner to stairs. Stair rods are secured to the corner where one stair tread meets another stair’s riser with a bracket. The long thin strip of material runs across the fitted stair runner in this position, securing it snugly and safely.

Though stair rods can come in a range of different shapes and sizes as well as materials, they are most commonly made of metal.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Stair Carpet Rods?

Metal rods for stairs are so popular because of their fantastic range of benefits:

  • Visual appeal: For a look of luxury like no other, metal is the perfect material. The range of finishings and colours you can get for metal means you can find a metal stair rod to suit your home decor, whether it’s traditional or modern. A stair rod is the ideal match for a stair runner and will create a stylish and cohesive theme. 
  • Ease of Installation: Stair rods are easy to install, meaning you get the benefit of an elegant decoration with no trouble.
  • Durability: Metal is a strong material that will last for years to come. The metals we use on our stair rods are anti-corrosion and made with durability in mind so that you’re making an investment in a lasting design piece.

How to Clean Metal Stair Rods

Metal stair rods are low maintenance, especially when made with a protective layer of lacquer, like those in our range. This clear lacquer prevents tarnishing and means deep cleaning is not necessary.

If your metal stair rods have a small build-up of dust, dirt or debris, there are straightforward ways to clean them. We advise simply wiping them with a damp cloth. Heavy metal cleaning products risk damaging the lacquer and potentially tarnishing the carpet secured by your rod.

If you accidentally spill anything on your metal stair rods, make sure to remove the spillage immediately with a damp cloth to limit corrosion and damage.

Our Stunning Range of Metal Stair Runner Rods

Blacksmith stair rod

We are one of the leading suppliers of stair rods in the UK, with over 20 years of experience in crafting beautiful products to enhance staircases.

We are particularly proud of our impressive range of metal finishes for our stair rods. Choose from a number of exquisite metals:

  • Polished brass
  • Satin brass
  • Antique brass
  • Antique bronze
  • Chrome
  • Brushed chrome
  • Pewter
  • Polished nickel
  • Satin nickel
  • Black

Every metal stair rod in our range can be made to measure and you can even order multiple sizes and widths in one – great for a staircase that narrows or has multiple flights. Our beautiful collection is varied and diverse, ensuring you can find one that suits your runner and your interior design. From the simple elegance of the blacksmith stair rod to the decorative flair of our crystal stair rods, there are many options to choose from.

Crystal stair rod

Some of our most popular metal stair rods include:

  • Blacksmith Stair Rods
  • Country Stair Rods
  • Crystal Stair Rods
  • Eastern Promise Stair Rods
  • Homepride Stair Rods
  • Jubilee Stair Rods
  • Premier Stair Rods
  • Royale Stair Rods
  • Vision Stair Rods

Within these gorgeous designs, you can choose from different finials and brackets, ensuring your stair accessory is unique and personal. Whether you’re looking for an authentic antique look or a chic contemporary feel, our metal stair rods are sure to fit your needs.
Make sure you know how to measure for stair rods and start browsing our fantastic range of quality metal stair rods

Find the Flawless Finishing Touches For Your Staircase Today

Metal stair rods work best when paired with a beautiful stair carpet runner. Our carefully curated range of rods and runners are made to complement each other, creating a cohesive design style and a flawless finishing touch for your staircase.

Make sure to stock up on stair accessories, like our underlay and carpet press studs, to make sure your runner is safe and secure. All orders over £75 qualify for free UK mainland delivery.