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Transforming Your Home with Green-Painted Stairs and Staircase Design Ideas

Home with Green-Painted Stairs

Green is a beautiful, if underused, colour for a staircase. But it’s starting to be appreciated more by homeowners looking to transform their spaces, and it’s becoming more usual to see stylish and ornate green-painted stairs in homes. If you’d like to join in on the growing trend and go green, we’ve got a few suggestions here for how you can go about it.

Paint Ideas for a Green Staircase

If you know you would like to incorporate green into your staircase ideas but you haven’t yet decided how this should be done, we can give you a few suggestions. This includes helping out if you don’t yet know what kind of green your staircase should be, or how it should look when painted:

  1. Light Green-Painted Stairs

Much like white, having a light green-painted staircase allows more light to bounce around a space, opening up narrow or small spaces that might otherwise feel cramped or closed in. If your staircase is in a position where a lot of natural light can come in, pairing a light green staircase with cream or white walls and banisters will also help to create a pleasantly cool, almost summery look to your stairs. Decorating the surrounding area with matching furniture, wood floors, and plants or pictures of plants on the walls is an easy way to create a theme and make a beautiful staircase at the same time.

  1. Dark Green-Painted Stairs

Dark green-painted stairs might not be so suitable for small spaces or narrow stairways, but they do offer an advantage that light green wouldn’t; they will not show up stains or scuffs quite as easily. They’re just as stunning, however, and have the potential to catch the eye as soon as you walk in through the front door of your home. Pairing them with lighter creams, browns, teals, and golds is an easy way to make over your hallway in a peacock theme or colour scheme, for instance. Adding in natural wood furniture and plush elements in brown, gold, and green will also help this along.

Dark green is also wonderfully versatile for different styles of homes and is bound to suit both modern staircases and staircases in homes with a classic aesthetic.

  1. Two-Tone Effects

If you don’t want your staircase to only be green, in any shade, you can also opt for two-tone stairs instead. This means you can customise your stairs exactly as you want. You might decide that you want your stair treads to be dark green and the stair risers to be white or vice versa. You might even decide to leave the treads or the risers in their natural wood colour while painting the rest.

  1. Stripes and Other Patterns

For a particularly dynamic design on your green-painted staircase, you might think about adding stripes, geometric shapes, or other bold and vibrant patterns. Other striking designs you might consider include flowers and plants, birds, or butterflies, though these might look best if you are planning on continuing the theme further into the room.

Accessories for Green-Painted Stairs

Accessories for Green-Painted Stairs

A green-painted staircase will likely draw the eyes of visitors on its own, but if you want to be sure you’re creating something impeccable and impressive, you can always add accessories. We’ve listed some of our ideas here to help you get started:

Stair Runners

If you have decided on a plain design for your stairs, such as when you want to make them one shade of green and have decided not to use patterns, then you can always add in further decoration or a touch of colour by using stair runners. These stair carpets come in a range of different shapes and sizes to suit a multitude of staircase designs, and they’re available in modern, traditional, plain, and even animal print patterns and colours to complement any colour scheme or home style.

To give you a couple of ideas of this, you might consider a dark green staircase paired with one of our Beige Tribal stair runners from our traditional selection for a timeless elegance. Meanwhile, for a modern home with a light green staircase, you might decide on a Pure Cream stair runner.

One of the best things to note about stair runners is that, as well as providing added grip, they also help to prevent scuff marks and scratches. Staircases are one of the areas of a home that will always see high traffic, so if you’d like to avoid them becoming dirty or damaged and don’t want to have to give them a fresh coat of paint very often, you will need a stair runner.

Stair Rods for Stair Runners

If you do decide that a stair runner is just right for covering your staircase, you can always complete the look with a set of stair rods to go on top. Coming in both classic and contemporary styles to suit modern and traditional properties, our rods are also available in a range of finishes to suit any colour scheme you have in mind for your property. 

For instance, if you are going with a peacock-style colour scheme as previously mentioned, then you might consider a Royal Abusson stair runner in 15503-42537 (deep navy blue with gold trim) or 15503-49219 (deep forest green with gold trim). This might then be paired with any of our stair rods in a brass finish. Meanwhile, a natural theme involving flora and fauna might see an animal print paired with rods in a bronze, pewter, or even wood finish.

Get Gorgeous Green-Painted Stairs

If you have always wanted a beautifully-decorated set of green-painted stairs as a feature for your home, then why not ensure it achieves its full potential with a set of matching accessories? Our stair runners and stair rods are designed to provide the finishing touches to make an interior design flawless, whether you are looking to make a space modern or keeping it classic.

Shop by colour or by finish here on our website and find all the pieces you know will best match your chosen colour shade or scheme, or the patterns you want to incorporate into your interior. If there’s something you can’t find that you would like, you can also speak to our team about bespoke orders – we’ll do everything we can to get it for you.
If you’re planning on decorating an entire room and you haven’t yet come up with ideas for decorating your staircase walls, then you can also take a look at our tips and advice here.