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Why You Need a Modern Stair Runner For Your Staircase

Modern stair runner

A modern stair runner is all you need to completely transform your staircase. At Stair Rods Direct, we know everything there is to know about stair runners and boast an extensive modern stair runner range. If your staircase is in need of an update, a stair carpet runner is the perfect choice. Not only will it enhance and elevate your interior design, but a stair runner also has many practical benefits.

Here, we break down exactly what a stair runner is, how to choose and style a modern stair runner, and our top picks of the wide range of chic stair runners that we stock.

What is a Stair Runner?

A stair runner is a strip of carpet material that runs the length of a staircase, set in the middle of the stairs leaving the stair edges exposed. Typically, they are installed on bare wood staircases or tiled staircases.

What Are the Benefits of Stair Runners?

A stair runner is a very sound investment for a number of reasons, both aesthetic and practical:

  • Protection from wear and tear: Staircases suffer from heavy usage with constant foot traffic. This comes with natural wear and tear, including scuffs, scratches and marks. This is especially visible on lighter coloured woods. Installing a stair runner is a great way to protect against this while still retaining some of the pleasing aesthetic that a wooden staircase affords.
  • Added comfort: A stair runner is also a neat way to incorporate carpet for stairs, and the comfort that comes with it, without undertaking the arduous process of carpeting an entire staircase. A strip of wool carpet, for example, can be truly luxurious underfoot making your staircase feel more comfortable.
  • Elevated design: A modern stair runner, in particular, enhances the aesthetic flair of your staircase, especially when styled well. Patterns and vibrant colours can add a decorative pop to your hallway and landing with the simple installation of a well-designed stair runner. 
  • Can make a small staircase appear wider: If you are suffering from a narrow or enclosed staircase, a runner can give the optical illusion of a wider step. This is because of the natural border created by the exposed edges of the stair tread that adds depth and an appearance of greater length.

Modern Stair Runner Ideas for Styling and Choosing

Modern stair runners can come in a range of shapes and sizes. Contemporary patterns with definitive lines are a classic contemporary style that adds a chic cool to your decor. Geometric patterns in particular evoke modernity stylishly with the abstract inspiration of design.

When choosing a pattern, make sure to match it to the rest of your home decor or it could risk looking too busy and unattractive. A brightly-patterned stair runner works best when paired with simpler decor around, like a wooden stair with neutrally-coloured walls. The focal point created by a colourful, zany design works perfectly in the modern home. 

If you want to go more understated, black and white is a classic combination that is truly timeless. Thoughtfully chosen black and white design can look extremely chic. You could opt for vertical stripes that draw the eye upward or a pure black stair runner up a white staircase. There is a surprising amount of versatility when it comes to black and white.

Our Favourite Contemporary Modern Stair Runners

When it comes to modern stair runners, we have a fantastic range that can pair with any staircase. Every stair carpet runner that we stock can be made bespoke so that you can ensure the perfect fit for your interior design.

We have long been one of the top choices for traditional and modern stair runners in the UK, so we have curated this list of some of our top sellers of contemporary modern stair runners:

Diamond Stair Runners

Diamond stair runner

The Diamond stair runner collection offers traditional stylings to the contemporary stair, with its majestic red colouring evoking a feeling of luxury. The diamond geometric pattern places it firmly as a modern stair runner with an attractive design. This stair runner would work wonderfully in a light and open hallway as a pleasing contrast that makes your stairs stand out.

Junon Stair Runners

Junon stair runner

This colourful collection has unique line patterns on bright, solid-coloured backgrounds. The pattern is more accentuated than on the Diamond range, for example, and therefore works fantastically as an eye-catching addition to a neutral staircase. You could match other accents on your staircase, landing or hallway to the bright colour of the runner for a cool, cohesive look.

Mars Stair Runners

Pattern of Wooden stairs in the house.

Our Mars collection from Louis De Poortere consists of elegantly stylish striped designs. The mix of simplicity with sophistication makes this runner a particularly funky addition to the modern home. The stripes make for a striking design that would add real flair to wherever it’s placed.

Richelieu Classic Stair Runners

Richelieu Classic Stair Runners

This beautifully designed collection is simple but striking, with bold colours framed wonderfully by even bolder borders. The wool and nylon mix ensures that these runners have all the softness of a wool stair runner with all the strength and durability of nylon, too. The mint green option here presents a very current colour choice that evokes nature-inspired tranquillity with its cool tones. Adding the black border makes for a very modern look.

Steps Stair Runners

Steps Stair Runner

Darker coloured runners can add depth to your staircase, creating a unique but attractive interior design feel. The different hues of grey on this Steps stair runner create a neat tonal look that works well on a lighter coloured staircase underneath. Combined with silver-coloured stair rods, this runner offers a very sleek look.

Coral Stair Runners

Coral Stair Runners

The Coral collection from Louis de Poortere consists of gorgeously modern designs that will elevate the look of any staircase. The flatweave design evokes sisal and jute with its chic bohemian feel. If you want to go bold and contemporary, the black option makes for a dramatic sweep on your staircase that is vividly captivating.

How Do You Attach a Stair Runner to Your Stairs?

The best way to attach a modern stair runner carpet to your stairs is with stair rods. And the best addition to a modern stair runner is a modern stair runner rod. Thankfully, we have just the range, curated specially to match our superb stair runners. 

Our Vision range features magnificent modern finial designs which make for a fantastic addition to a modern stair runner. The thick rods come in a chrome finish which adds a pleasing sheen to top off your stair runner design.

Attaching stair runner to stairs

If you want to go for more of a statement with your stair rod, our Crystal range is the perfect option. The finely-cut Austrian crystal on the end of the rods creates a unique decorative effect when the light catches it, potentially adding beautiful colouring to your modern stair runner.

Attaching stair runner to stairs with crystals

Whatever stair rod you elect to go for, you can choose from a range of finishes to ensure you can best match it to your modern stair runner. Every rod can be created bespoke to your requirements, too.

Revamp Your Staircase With Our Stunning Stair Accessories

When you’re looking for the finest decorative touches to finish off your staircase and hallway design, look no further than Stair Rods Direct. We have an impressive range of products, from door thresholds to skirting board protectors that make all the difference when it comes to a flawless finish.

And if you liked the look of our modern stair runners, we also stock a variety of other styles of stair runners that can look stunning in a traditional home, too. Our products are designed to look beautiful in the home and are made for simple installation. 

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