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Our Top 7 Unique Open Staircase Ideas

One of the best ways to refurbish the interior of your home is by starting on one of the biggest architectural features of your home; the staircase. There are a number of unique ways to customise your staircase, but it’s important to bear in mind that not all designs and structures will be appropriate for every home. Some houses may not have the space to harbour all open staircase ideas, like grand open staircases and it’s also important to recognise that while you might like a certain style or design of a staircase, it may not match the rest of your homes interior design.

In this article we’ll be looking at a range of open staircase ideas, from traditional sweeping staircases with bespoke bannisters, to modern floating staircases seen in classy domestic properties.

1. Grand Open Staircase 

Our first staircase features a grand open staircase that would be well-suited to a large, open hallway or entranceway. It features wooden bannisters with metal or potentially iron railings leading up to the top. The staircase also adopts a curved style, which enhances the hallway’s interior appeal and works well with the rest of the home’s design. 

While this type of staircase is simple by design, it does require a large entranceway, unless you are open to cutting down the width of the stairs.

2. Quaint & Private Open Staircase

Although we cannot see too much of this staircase, it’s clear that it’s a simple architectural design that makes good use of the space available. It adopts a curved styling and a quaint archway. This type of staircase is ideal if you’re looking to add some privacy to your home, as the curved structure and closed walls mean that the upper floor is closed off to the eye. This could be a strong consideration if your front door opens up onto your staircase. The overall interior design of this staircase is minimal, but it perfectly compliments the rest of the space. A fine example of doing a lot with a little.

3. Half-Open Staircase Idea

This bespoke staircase design offers a unique alternative to modern open staircase designs. Instead of adopting a fully open staircase design or a wired open design, it’s gone with a half-open 

U-shape finish. The metal railings or support structures on the right provide a strong contrast with the white and wooden design of the staircase itself. The bottom of the stairs also merges with the kitchen for a truly unique finish. This is a great example of making the most of the space you have, 

This open staircase also follows the same open-plan interior design elements seen in the remainder of the home; a classic white and wood/oak scheme. This type of design is becoming increasingly popular in modern homes because the colour scheme is versatile and ideal for enhancing the light in the room. 

4. Single Open Tread Staircase

This design focuses on making the open staircase become the focal point of the room. A contrasting black and oak colour scheme against a white-grey background works well to help this modern open tread staircase stand out. 

This staircase looks to be in a commercial, open-plan environment, which is common for larger open staircase ideas. Like in our previous example, this staircase idea features beams on one side to offer stability and security.  The staircase itself looks to be predominantly supported by a metal framework alongside open wood risers. There’s also a small landing space halfway up the stairs to separate to run. The stark contrast between black metal and oak wood offers a fantastic finish and would work well with most open-plan spaces with a white colour scheme. 

5. Open Tread Minimalistic Staircase

This open staircase idea is a fine example of a potentially cost-effective open tread staircase. Positioned neatly against a wall, the open risers will likely be fixed to the wall for support, offering that “floating” appearance. The appearance of this open tread staircase is simple and could be used in both domestic and commercial settings. A simple stainless steel railing alongside a running support beam on the right allows for extra support for the treads. This is a design that would work well with commercial properties with a smaller budget. 

6. U-Shape Open Riser Staircase

This is a very unique staircase that combines an open tread design with a U-shape structure. U-shaped staircases are commonplace in commercial spaces because they’re a great solution for small spaces and they look professional. However, U-shaped staircases can look fantastic in residential spaces, especially when combined with an open tread or open riser staircase. 

In the picture, we can see the staircase is white with oak treads and open risers, offering a really open finish. The staircase itself is quite big, but because of how open the design is, it offers the illusion that there’s more space there than there really is. 

7. Half U-Shaped Black Iron Staircase 

This staircase adopts a similar U-shape structure to the above, but features a small platform leading up to the stairs with an adjoining glass balustrade. This platform is a fantastic addition to the design, especially with the low-lights highlighting the platform steps. However, the room required to build this type of staircase is rarely found in residential properties. As you can see, this staircase is likely residing in an office space or a hospitality venue and might be an unlikely consideration for smaller properties.

Let’s talk about the staircase design; the half U-shape design offers a strong, marble-based foundation at the lower tier, and then transforms into an open staircase with open treads and no rafters for that modern look. The jet black metal contrasts well with the earthy marble to create a subtle but powerful aesthetic. Definitely, one of the more unique designs to make our list.

Looking for Something a Little More Homely in the UK?

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