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Staircase Colour Ideas to Modernise Any Property

Your property, whether it’s domestic or residential, deserves a stunning staircase. At Stair Rods Direct, our team specialise in supplying beautiful stair runners, carpets and rods to transform and modernise properties in the UK. While painting your staircase can revamp its appearance, you might find it lacks a final piece, which is where you may want to consider stair runners and carpets. 

In this article, we have provided a few of our preferred colour schemes to offer some inspiration for your home or commercial renovation project. We’ve been lining staircases since the 90s and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge with regards to interior staircase design.

Why colour schemes are important

Putting a dark colour on a staircase, wall or floor will enhance it, whereas lighter colours make them recede. 

Try using the same colour palette on the ceilings and woodwork, it’s a subtle design element that helps marry these two elements of the property. 

Colours such as mauve (or anything within the mauve bracket) and purples are distinctive and regal, but welcoming. Ideal for hallways, entrances and even staircases. 

Red Staircase Colour Ideas 

Red is great, a bold colour that typically finds itself inside living rooms in residential properties. Generally speaking, red works well with greens, yellows, oranges, dark blues and blacks. Despite its boldness, it’s a fairly versatile colour when applied in the right way. 

Red with regards to stair runners go hand-in-hand because they act as an accent colour. We have a range of red-based designs for carpets, painted staircases, hallways, landing rugs and more. 

Explore our range of red staircase colour ideas below:

Our traditional stair runner range also has a variety of red staircase colour ideas that lead towards intricate stylings.

Blue Staircase Colour Ideas

Blue, a colour associated with freshness and typically used in places where light is limited. Lighter blues, such as duck egg blue, make for great landing, hallway and stair runner ideas, but are prone to more noticeable staining over time. In terms of longevity, you may want to consider darker blues to ensure your staircases remain in top condition for years to come.

Take a look at our blue staircase colour ideas:

Green Staircase Colour Ideas

Green colour schemes in homes and commercial properties are often associated with luxury and royalty (similar to purple). However, green can also offer a more urban, foresty look when combined with wood colours. Green colours on staircases are not as popular as reds, blues, blacks and other dark colours, but that’s not to say they can’t add curb appeal and 

Below are some fine examples of our green colour scheme to enhance your hallway, landing and staircase:

Mauve & Purple Staircase Colour Ideas

Typically associated with reality and luxury, purple colours are ideal for welcoming guests into your property. Although more frequently seen in residential areas, purple colour schemes can also be used in commercial settings; again, primarily in entrance halls and staircases. 

Take a look at some of our mauve-inspired runners, rugs and ideas to transform your living or workspace:

Yellow Staircase Colour Ideas 

The vast majority of staircases are found in hallways, and you may find that your hallway lacks natural light – which is where a yellow staircase can bring some much-needed light into the equation. Yellow is not only a great colour to help brighten up space, but it’s also fantastic at reflecting light. Yellows also have the ability to make spaces seem bigger, especially when used sparingly (feature walls, staircases, rugs etc).

There are of course a number of variations to the colour yellow and beige that may fall into this category. 

Beige Staircase Colour Ideas

Arguably one of the most versatile interior design colours. Beige is so commonly used because it can be applied almost anywhere, in any room, in any capacity. It’s a very “safe” colour and is typically used as a neutral colour. 

Take a look at some of our beige carpet, rug and runner ideas to brighten up your property:

Orange Staircase Colour Ideas 

Orange is one of the loudest colours on the spectrum and when used in the correct setting, it can boast some remarkable designs. If you’re looking to have an orange staircase, we’d recommend the orange act as an accent colour, possibly against a blue, yellow or white painted staircase with a full orange runner or orange trimmed runner.

We have a fine selection of orange and orange-based rugs, runners and bespoke carpet options for you to explore:

Black Staircase Colour Ideas 

Smart, elegant and adaptable, black is a strong choice for any staircase. Not only is the colour able to seamlessly merge with almost any other colour, but it’s also more averse to stains and wears better over time. It’s important that your staircase is painted a bright colour to contrast the black (if you’re considering a black stair runner, for example). 

We have a wide range of black-based stair runners and bespoke rug ideas for you to take a look at below:

Set the Tone With Colourful Staircase Ideas 

While painting your staircase can be a great way to draw more attention to it, you may find your design incomplete with a bespoke stair runner. That’s where we come in, we can help you choose a size and style of runner to compliment your staircase and further enhance the appearance of your home. We have hundreds of designs available and offer fast installation and swift delivery to ensure you’re able to enjoy your home as soon as possible.