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10 Ideas to Produce a Stunning Statement Staircase

Every part of a home can be turned into something special – this includes hallways and staircases. All you need is an idea of how you want to make it happen. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ideas to help you put together your dream statement staircase. 

Take a look and find the ones that spark your imagination.

Detail on stairway with glass railing in a new modern building.

1. Think About Colour

The easiest way to turn a staircase into a statement is to change the colour. How you decide to do this will all depend on the layout of your home. For example, if you have an open plan living space in a light colour or shade such as white or light blue, you might think of painting the staircase a darker but bolder colour, like red or navy. 
You can also incorporate patterns, two-tone designs (black and white are great for this), and hues which grow lighter or darker as you move up or down your stairs. These are all particularly suited to wooden staircase designs.

2. Consider Your Lighting Options

The right kind of lighting can make all the difference on a staircase. Overhead lighting shining directly down on the steps, or even further down the wall close to the floor, can highlight the staircase itself. This might be especially effective if you have a brightly-coloured staircase and darker walls. Meanwhile, having light sources tucked away into niches can help to create even more interest around decorative items like ornaments.

If you have room in the open center space of a curved or spiral staircase, you might even consider using pendant lighting that hangs down and fills the space.

3. Mix and Match Materials

Often, you will have to mix and match the materials you want for your perfect statement staircase. For instance, you might consider pairing glass balustrades with green oak steps in a modern home. Alternatively, you might also consider highly ornate wrought iron bannisters for a classic, elegant touch.

4. Choose the Right Staircase Design

Renovating your home entirely? Then choosing an entirely new staircase design might be just what you need to turn your staircase into a statement feature! A spiral or curved staircase will often get guests talking, and more modern homes are being increasingly built with floating staircases. 

These pair especially well with mixed and matched materials, including glass and metal.

5. Decide on Decorations

If your staircase design makes use of shelving or niches cut into the walls, you might decide to make a statement out of these by filling them with art. Statutes and vases, with or without flowers, are all eye-catching pieces. Even if there is nowhere to set an ornament, you can always hang pictures to create collages.

What About Hanging Art?

You won’t be limited to only putting art on the walls of your staircase, either, and freestanding staircases that aren’t next to walls don’t have to be left bare. Much like pendant lighting, it’s also possible to fill the void left by curved or spiral staircases with hanging artwork.

6. Incorporate Storage

Not every statement staircase has to be purely decorative. Have you always imagined having bookcases fitted into your staircase? What about fitting chests of drawers? Depending on the staircase design you want, you may be able to turn your staircase into the ideal space for storing any items you can think of.

7. Think Outside the Box

If your staircase has an open space on or underneath it, you might consider using this to your advantage. Nooks and crannies with a large enough space to walk around can become the perfect area to fit in a seat or a desk for reading or working. Adding in a warm source of lighting, cushions, and blankets on seats can even turn it cosy.

8. Bring an Outdoor Feel Indoors

If you are planning on creating a modern staircase with a stone or stone facsimile wall and stone or tiled flooring, you may also consider bringing some large potted plants indoors. This simple decorative touch completely makes over the aesthetic of the space. 

With the right staircase design, it will even bring to mind a Mediterranean-style courtyard for your home. This works best in properties with a lot of large windows, bringing in the light that you would expect to shine down in Spain, France, or Italy.

9. Match or Contrast with Stair Runners

Choosing stair runners turns your staircase into a long canvas for practically any design. Whether you would prefer something traditional to complement highly decorative wrought iron balustrades or want to add a comfortable, contemporary touch to a green oak staircase in a modern home, there will always be a runner to suit your decorating needs and ideas. You can even decide to use more than one runner, if it creates the statement you want!

 10. Complement Your Design with Stair Rods

Once you have fitted a stair runner for your property, you can always finish the design with a set of stair rods to match or contrast the colour. These come in a variety of gorgeous finishes, from brass and chrome to bronze and pewter, and are bound to add the completing touch to any runner that might have otherwise been lacking.

Complete Your Home Design with a Statement Staircase

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