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Wooden Door Thresholds: Everything You Need to Know


Wooden door thresholds are one of the most popular ways to connect two different flooring types seamlessly from room to room. If you have hardwood floors of different levels, a wooden door threshold strip will bridge the gap and provide a smooth transition.

In this guide, you’ll learn just how wooden door threshold bars can benefit your home and the factors you need to consider when choosing them. We’ll also take you through our premium range of door threshold seals, treads and bars.

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What Are Door Threshold Strips?

Door thresholds are strips of material that are typically placed at the bottom of a doorway to cover the gap between one room to another room. Their most basic function is to provide a smooth transition between rooms and can connect between a number of floor types:

  • Carpet to carpet
  • Carpet to hardwood 
  • Carpet to tile
  • Title to tile
  • Tile to hardwood
  • Hardwood to hardwood

Door thresholds are also referred to as strips, bars, treads, and seals. They can come in a number of materials, but the most popular are wood and metal.

What Are the Benefits of Wooden Door Threshold Bars?

Door thresholds are a very sound investment for a number of reasons:

  • Levelling: Rooms that feed into each other but that have different flooring types can be uneven: a door threshold strip will solve this. For hardwood floors in particular, wooden door thresholds are an ideal choice.
  • Energy efficiency: Door thresholds act as a seal underneath a door, closing any gaps and stopping draughts. It also means that heat or cool air, depending on the season, is less likely to escape. When you want to keep a room warm or cool, a door threshold strip is a surprisingly useful aid in this.
  • Safety: The gap between two different levels of flooring can be a serious trip hazard. Installing a door threshold smooths this over and prevents this from happening.
  • Aesthetic: As well as these vital functional benefits, wooden door thresholds are a stylish addition to any room. It’s one of those small finishing touches that actually make all the difference. 

Why Choose Wood as a Material?

Door threshold types

For a high-traffic area with constant footfall, you need a hardwearing material that doesn’t break down quickly and can stand the test of time. Wood is fantastic for this purpose as it is a very durable material, especially when treated.

Wood is also such a popular material because of the charming aesthetic it lends to any home. Depending on the type of wood you choose and its colour and finish, you can evoke a classic and traditional look or provide some contemporary chic to your floor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wooden Door Threshold

When you’re choosing a wooden threshold for your door, there are a couple of important things to think about:

  • Wood type: Oak is one of the more popular choices for door threshold strips because of its beautiful look and its durability. However, any hardwood is good for strength and performance.

Wood grain: The arrangement of the wood fibres will make a difference to the look of your wooden door threshold. You should pay attention to the grain of the strip you’re looking for so you can match it more closely to your existing hardwood flooring.

Types of Door Thresholds

Another factor to consider is the type and shape of the door threshold that works for your particular purposes. Some of the most common types you’ll see include:

  • T-bars: A wooden door threshold bar that looks like a capital ‘T’ from the side will be referred to as a T-bar. This type of threshold is perfect if you’re looking for a strip to level the gap between two uneven floor types.
  • Z-bars: Z-bar strips are ideal if you’re looking for a transition between a room with hardwood flooring and a room with carpet flooring. They’re also commonly referred to as carpet strips.
  • Flat door thresholds: For flooring that’s already level, a flat door threshold is a great choice. These are also called joining strips.

Are There Alternatives to Wooden Door Thresholds?

If a wooden door threshold isn’t right for you, there are plenty of other types to choose from. Some fantastic interior door thresholds include:

  • Bumper seals: These threshold types include a bumper seal that connects to the door when it’s closed. This solid seal works to prevent moisture and drafts from either getting in or getting out.
  • Saddle thresholds: Saddle thresholds are bigger in size and more suited to exterior doors, actually banding across the top of the exterior threshold instead of the bottom.
  • Heavy-duty thresholds: For places that experience very high levels of foot traffic and even vehicle use, heavy-duty thresholds are the solution. 
  • Thermal break thresholds: Thermal break thresholds are designed specifically for the management of temperature, suited to places where extreme temperature fluctuations are the norm.

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Our Range of Door Thresholds

We are a leading supplier of home accessories, and stock a number of door threshold strips that suit any kind of home.

Our metal strips are particularly great for the home, coming in a range of finishes to provide smooth transitions between all manner of flooring types. Join carpets to hard floors, carpets to carpets, or hard floors to hard floors with our large range of quality door bars. Discrete or decorative, we’ll have the door threshold strip for your needs.

Our fantastic collection includes:

  • 1st premier trim thresholds
  • Alie tramline door thresholds
  • Bendy bull nosing door thresholds
  • Carpet to carpet door thresholds
  • Carpet to hard floor door thresholds
  • End profiles / Scotia door thresholds
  • Hard floor to hard floor door thresholds
  • Matt well frame door thresholds
  • Minimalist door thresholds
  • Posh door thresholds
  • Stair nosing and premier lips thresholds
  • T-bar hard flooring door thresholds
  • W commercial dividers door thresholds
  • X pipe covers door thresholds
  • Y easy shims carpet shims door thresholds
  • YZ all other products door thresholds
  • Z door thresholds (with a range of finishes)
  • Z door bars (with a range of finishes)

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